Those Infected with COVID-19 at Vaccination Centres Can Bring a Suit of Negligence

On July 11, news broke that 11 workers at the Setia City Convention Centre Vaccination Centre were tested positive for COVID-19. A further report on July 13 stated that 204 people had been infected at the Ideal Convention Centre Vaccination Centre. The question then becomes, can those infected at vaccination centres hold the government responsible for negligence?

Just today, a couple of lawyers have come forth and stated that the government could indeed be held liable for their negligence in containing the virus in these vaccination centres. This stems from the fact that as the government has been urging the public to be vaccinated, they then have a duty of care to ensure that all necessary precautions and measures are taken to curb the spread of this virus. To this end, the lawyers cited contend that a police report could actually be lodged by those infected in vaccination centres, and bring a suit of negligence against the government.

Ultimately, the government has a duty of care to ensure that SOPs and safe-distancing measures are maintained at the highest standard, to ensure that no more instances of the spread of COVID-19 in vaccination centres occurs.

More on this can be read at:

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