Jessie Lee Suan Cui

Suan Cui, also known as Jessie, obtained her LLB from University of Malaya in 2018. She was called to the Malaysian Bar in 2020 and is currently a commercial litigator at Lim Chee Wee Partnership. She can drink up to five cups of latte a day. She is also very obsessed with flowers and plants.

Sachin Nair

Sachin is a former pupil at Lim Chee Wee Partnership. During his time at the firm, he was exposed to a broad array of commercial litigation and regulatory enforcement work. Sachin also holds a master’s in Competition Law from King’s College London . Not satisfied with just the one master’s, he’s decided to waste another year of his life pursuing a second master’s at the University of Oxford.

Neoh Kai Sheng

Kai Sheng is a pupil at Michael Chow – Advocates & Solicitors. Under the tutelage of the firm’s founder, Kai Sheng is involved in a myriad of company and commercial law disputes. He read law at the University of Malaya and graduated with distinction. Growing up as a borderline video games addict, Kai Sheng channeled his inherent competitiveness into video games. Now, he finds comfort in litigation. Either way, Kai Sheng is always prepared with his A-game.

Esther Hong

Esther is a pupil at Lim Chee Wee Partnership. She obtained her LLB from University of Malaya in 2020. During her mooting days in university, she managed to grab several best individual oralist awards with her puppy eyes. She can also dance very well. With her dance videos burning Instagram, we foresee her garnering a million followers on Instagram very soon.

Christina Erin Ong

Christina Ong recently graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Malaya in 2021. Like the true millenial she is, Christina pens her thoughts with a cup of iced coffee in hand. Fresh out of law school, she enjoys reading and writing on anything revolving the law, particularly human rights, tech law, and tort law. In the mean time, she is trying to familiarise herself with everyone’s favourite – the White Book.

Peh Qi Hui

Qi Hui is currently an undergraduate at University of Malaya. As she writes away at home, she is looking forward to some travelling once the pandemic is over.

Nevyn Vinosh

Nevyn is a third year student reading law at the University of Malaya with a soft spot for administrative and constitutional law. Apart from an addiction to debate and moots, he is a passionate boardgame and squash enthusiast. Nevyn goes through life with a flat white in the day and a shiraz at night.

Saradha Lakshmi

A third year law student and part-time paralegal with Lim Chee Wee Partnership, Saradha is an avid mooter with a diverse range of interests. She is passionate on topics surrounding human rights, public international law, corporate law and legal issues surrounding the arts. A night owl at heart, she’s known for burning the midnight (scented) candle whilst gaining inspiration from her chais.