Article 153: Is It Time for Change?

There is no doubt that Article 153 has its historical justifications and national interests particularly during its formulation post-independence. However, Malaysia has grown not just economically, but rather we have a more diverse and growing racial amalgamation and cultural assimilation far from the demography of a once young Malaysia. Affirmative action has been used as an essential tool in many jurisdictions to balance the tides of equality in promoting a more equitable society. Nonetheless, there comes a time when even the most fundamental laws must be examined as to its relevancy, necessity and suitability to the ever changing socio-legal climate. … More Article 153: Is It Time for Change?

The War on Drugs in Malaysia: Reform or Retrogress?

This article is contributed by Hanna Haizal, who is currently a Research Assistant at the Centre of Excellence for Research in AIDS (CERIA), University of Malaya. She currently works on drug policy and prison reform.

In conjunction with the National Anti-Drugs Day on 19 February 2021, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin announced that the Drug and Substance Abuse Act will replace the Drug Dependence (Treatment and Rehabilitation) Act 1983 later this year. This announcement then begs the following questions: What does this mean for the drug policy landscape in Malaysia? Are we finally seeing the end of the War on Drugs? … More The War on Drugs in Malaysia: Reform or Retrogress?