Malaysian Drug Syndicate Crippled in Australia

The Australian police today have managed to bring down a Malaysian drug syndicate. The syndicate is believed to have smuggled millions of ringgit worth of drugs into Australia. The crippling of this syndicate is attributed to the arrest of a 32-year-old Malaysian Man, as part of “Operation Trento” in Melbourne, Australia. This operation was launched in October 2020 after the Australian Border Force intercepted a shipment of almost 8kg of methamphetamine.

Under “Operation Trento” , the Herald Sun (as reported in The Star) reported that the Malaysian man was charged for trafficking commercial quantities of a controlled drug, alongside, importing marketable quantities of a border controlled drug. Under Australian law, this offence is punishable with life imprisonment.

In crippling this Malaysian syndicate, the police had seized approximately 34kg of drugs, worth over A$8 million (RM25 million) in January. This was seized from a safe house, which was believed to have been set up just for the sale of the drugs throughout Melbourne. According to Tony Sinn, an Australian Federal Police Detective Inspector who runs the High Volume Drug Crime Team, Malaysia is now the major point of origin for methamphetamines bound for Australia. According to him, these syndicates use “an endless cadre of young Malaysian males. They come over as cleanskins, they have no prior police history“. ‘Cleanskins’ are criminals with no obvious links to crime groups.

Altogether, the Australian police have arrested 5 alleged members of the Malaysian syndicate, where 4 of them had prior drug-related offences.

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